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During the organized visit in the Archive center INBOX, the National Democratic Institute – NDI, which is leading the project for modernization of Macedonian parliament working, together with the parliamentary Institute of RM, exchanged argumentative thoughts and experiences related to technique for management on documentary and archival material.

Inbox as a high- tech company present their abilities for digitalization – conversion of documents from paper in electronic format with all possibilities (laser, non-contact, big format, DinA0+), 3D options for scanning texture of documents, soft-covers for recognitions text and quality management of photo and Cloud platform for distribution of documents - Envision.
Inbox with its technological advantage represents his own security standards for physical archive – mapping of documents.

Digitalization-conversion of documents from paper in electronic format 

Physical archiving –mapping of documents thru bar-code system

Mr.Zlatko Atanasov – Director of the Parliamentary Institute of RM, with Mr.Robert Scot Hazlet from National Democracy Institute in the meeting with the Executive Director and owner of Inbox Mr. Stojce Taskov expressed appreciation for the hospitality and presentation of a technological platform for managing physical and electronic documents.
“In parliamentary Institute we especially recognize the significance of institutional memory. History of the legislative process, an archive of documents from a legislative procedure, index by keywords, electronic searchable with easy access are importantтe for the history of the legislature and in same time source of data for parliaments and public. We are convinced that the information what arriving in the legislature and arising from his work belong to parliamentary and public and they have to be easy for access and use.
During the visit, we sow modern and systemized method of managing documents from the archive, on the level which provides physical security and electronic availability. This is a model which public sector can use for his own work'' – statement from the institute.

CEO and owner of Inbox Mr. Stojce Taskov emphasized: '' Inbox as a leader in the archiving and technologies for document management remains open to cooperation and transfer their knowledge and equipment in function to the protection of the documents, their easier use and general progress of office management and archiving “




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