Annual Letter from our CEO

Dear Partners, 
2018 is unmistakably going in the right direction, to the zip folder of our rapid access memories and INBOX will make sure that the details of your business endeavors stay available for recalls as fast as you need and as long as you need it.

Working together with you has been a challenge and inspiration. The obviousness about our cooperation was that we acted upon all challenges that you have given us. The not so obvious thing, was that we have listened and learned your challenges in your pursuit of excellence, your pain points and obstacles on the path of achieving your own goals and visions. Learning that the Digital transformation is the biggest pain point for most of our partners, we got inspired.

Our mission to “serve you the right information at the right time” remains our guiding principle but we have added an actionable goal, “to become your strongest value creating asset in your own path of digital transformation”. And we acted upon this goal in 2018, to improve equally, speed of digitization, distribution of digital documents and deliver an effective business process automation tool.

The speed of digital transformation – scanning, processing, data capturing and indexing

  • – We have partnered with KODAK ALARIS to create speed of 1.000 images per Minute and effective 10 Million images per month.
  • – Improved the speed of image processing by adding ABBYY recognition servers to our family of Capture Pro servers and created an unlimited capacity to perform OCR (optical character recognition) and metadata capturing from any location in the world.
  • – We started “machine learning programs” by cooperating with our proven faculty FEIT and created programming division that create learning patterns for data capturing from any document type and format

Distribution and Use of digital document is transferred to our new ENVISION cloud application and most of our partners have completely transferred to this app

Automation and machine learning is around the corner. We have created partnerships with EU based digital transformation platform and in 2019 we will deliver the power of truly DIGITAL OFFICE to all our partners, as a simple cloud-based app that transforms any business process into DIGITAL WORKFLOW. Our platform will secure “perfect execution” of your unique business strategies.

Future is exciting, unpredictable and challenging, but we have secured that your administration and back-office operations are predictable, stable and DIGITAL, so that You can use all your imagination, resources and capabilities for creating better service offering for all of Us and achieve your own goals of growth and prosperity. I look forward to another successful year of cooperation

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Stojche Taskov – Founder & CEO