Our Philosophy – Your values

Our philosophy follows the fundamental concept behind record and document management – which is the idea that each record has a life-cycle. (Every official business record must go through all the stages of the “life cycle”). Based on this concept we differentiate between ACTIVE and PASIVE stages of business records.

In the Active stage of а document’s life cycle, critical factor of efficiency is AVAILABILITY of content that is in high usage frequency across multiple users. For this stage, we apply value creating activity of making the documents highly available through enterprise content management platform (ECM). We convert business records in to digital document archive formats (PDF/a) and make this data available at client disposable 24/7 through cloud based ECM platform.

Client can access their documents from any location, any device at any time they actually need the documents. ECM platform brings efficiency in daily use of documents and provide for TOTAL CONTROL of all actions at all user levels across the organization.

We deliver efficiency and empower you with control.

In Passive stage of document’s life cycle, usage frequency is low and critical factor of efficiency is the difference between the value of records and value of the information contained in the records. Making total content instantly available is costly and unproductive. So we differentiate between the value of a document and the value of the information contained in the document. 95% of the time you don’t need the paper document but only some information contained in this document.

Our unique value is that we can ON DEMAND, extract the information you need and make them available for use

in ECM platform without moving the original document from its physical location. This way we eliminate risks of loss, damage and misuse of business records, while at the same time deliver the information upon request in matter of 30 minutes.


We empower our clients with fast and reliable method of communicating with their information and documents from any location at any given point of time while holding the originals in perfect organization order at highly secured location. In this sense we create advantage to our clients by speeding the process of decision making as we provide fast and secure access to the information that are decision making inputs.

We save time and resources for our clients as we invest in best in class facilities and organization models for document indexing and storing, new efficient technologies for document distribution and security standards for safe and reliable storage.

We provide high level of security by anonymization of the document with Bar –Code label and multi-layer operations principle where the only access to the document is possible by authorization codes on at least 2 levels. All actions are recorded so we provide full audit trail.

We protect our clients from any and all regulatory risks they might face in the document management and archiving as we constantly invest and improve our operations standards.

We take over responsibility and give you back control – Archiving and document management is our specialty, we have the best in class technology, we have experts for every process and we have the knowledge to handle every challenge. We help you to enhance your focus on your main activity by having complete control of your information and documents.