By digitizing your documents, we provide a better life for your organization.

Once you have your past converted in a way that operates flawlessly along with the present, you have established a solid ground for the future of your organization. Going digital is not only a perk nowadays. It’s also a necessity. Keep your paper documents safe and secure by operating them electronically.

Digitization has two categories:

1. AD-HOC Digitization or On-demand Digitization. Whenever you are in need of having certain part of you documentation digitized you demand an AD-HOC Digitization. For example we can digitize for you your financial records required for an external audit, or your HR record for employees of the production unit etc. You choose which documents you need for daily use available at anytime, anyplace for any reason. Also you choose the best output format so you can operate with them without obstacles.

2. Programmatic Digitization or Systematic Digitization. With this type of digitalization, documents are digitized in their entirety in a planned manner. For example, we can perform digitalization of your subscribers’ contracts on a monthly routine. Or, we can digitize all you incoming invoices weekly. This way, you provide your employees with the highest efficiency because you make all the active documents to be available on their fingertips.

Digitalization keeps safe the original document. Since 95% of your time, you only need the information, not the physical document itself, having it digitized, keeps the original safe. Every now and then, paper documents, get lost by employees, damaged or even stolen. When using an electronic form of the document, its original is safe and secure in an appropriate storage facility.

Digitalization preserves your time. Once your documents are digitized, you have everything that you need right on your desk, or on your meeting, when you are on an international conference. You no longer run through storage facilities and lose precious working hours trying to find one single information. Your employees/colleagues are focusing on their main activity and productivity rises.

We provide you with best knowledge of digitalization services. Our experts can analyze your documents and put up a digitization plan for you, providing you with propositions for most suitable image processing, index tagging, and output format. We can create a short demo presentation of your digitized documents so you can experience the benefits of the digitalization through our Cloud Archive Application.

We can digitize ALL your records/documents.

No matter how big or small a record is we can make it digital. From A0-A8, standard and non-standard formats of paper, as well as media (micro-film, micro-fiche), 2D and 3D maps and artwork paper, x-rays paper, we are equipped to scan anything you have as a record/document. We have the best hardware and software technology in line to compete for the highest challenges when it comes to digitization.