Processing and enhancement of digital images

“Scanning documents is just the beginning of the digitization process, in which the most complex operations are performed after the process of scanning.“

When documents are already scanned, digital copies can be used in two forms – as images or as text (content). Performing a complete digitization process means not only scanning for image acquisition, but also post-processing and editing, so that the information (text) is used in the most useful form for you.

Inbox for You provides 3 post-processing procedures for scanned documents.

  1. Perfect digital copy. Inbox owns a technology called Perfect page, which in the very process of scanning, in accordance with the client and its needs, we set parameters for image quality (dpi), its color, automatic image size setting, automatic rotation and crop & deskew, improving the foreground boldness and background smoothing, which helps us create even better quality digital reproduction than the original.
  2. Formatting. The basic format in which a qualitative digital copy is produced is “TIFF file”. That basic format is not a document but an image. From this basic format according to the characteristics of the document and the needs of the client, the OUTLINE format of the digital document – PDF, PDF / A, JPEG, PNG, RTF, Searchable PDF and others – will be created. The base format is converted to the output format and the document is founded.
  3.  Indexing. Indexing is a process in which the “meta data” or “search indexes” that are integral to the digital features of the document are incorporated in the digitally reproduced document. The output format of the received data is also determined depending on the needs of the client (Searchable PDF, XML, TXT, DAT, RTF …). By assigning indexes, the document becomes recognizable for searching and retrieval from the digital environment where it is located. Indexing can be performed in two manners:
    1.  As an automatic optical recognition of predefined indexes (zonal OCR). This procedure is only applicable when there is a standardized format of the original document. (Forms, applications) in which the text is written with a known computer font.
    2.  Manually embed indexes in the digital features of the document. When the document is not standardized and when the data to be embedded as indexes is not written with a known computer font, the indexes are manually embedded in the digital features of the document.