The fast-moving digital world along with the presence of the smart devices demands information available whenever and wherever they need. Nowadays every organization aims to satisfy its customers’ needs with providing information at their fingertips.

If your organization wants to improve end-user productivity, to optimize searching and retrieval of business information, to improve security of data, to keep track of traceability – you need an appropriate electronic archiving solution.

We provide you with integrated solution for your physical and electronic archive – When it comes to electronic archiving, we have our Cloud Archive Application – Envision as a perfect solution for your organization. Our Cloud Archive Application – Envision is an integrated solution for both your electronic and your physically stored archive. Regardless, if you choose off-site or on-site record storage, using our solution you’ll be provided with bar-code labels and index notes for each item (document, file, folder, box etc.) you want to store.

Once labeled and indexed, your documents are part of your electronic register and you can search and retrieve them infinite times in multiple digital formats.

(AFP for printing, PDF/Accessible, PDF/A (archiving), PDF for e-presentment, JPG, TNG etc.) or retrieve them physically by creating work order for physical delivery of the original document. Our repository solution stores virtually all document types and makes them available for you at any time, any place with strict security and traceability. You create your list of authorized people who will access your E-archive. Their permissions and accessibility is also defined according your needs and internal policies.

We give you easy accessibility – Our Cloud Archive Application is a web-based solution. You don’t need installments and maintains of systems which can cost a lot. No need for any special technical specification to access our application. All you need is internet. And you have your archive, documents and information 24/7 wherever you are.

We provide you with flexibility regarding your electronic archive – Using our Digitization Services (more info here) we can capture and archive any type of content (paper, electronic, media) into our Cloud Archive Application. Documents can be archived in their original format or in a long-term preservation compliant format. You choose the format that is most suitable for you. All documents which are scanned and captured into our application are organized with flexible user-defined index plan (created in accordance with your, allowing easy navigation and customizable classification of documents (item types). Each document can be associated with a set of metadata for efficient keywords searches.

We give you complete control – You choose the list of authorized employees and you define their permissions and accessibility. Every assigned authorized contact receives a unique user name and password for login into our application. Also, at any given time we can provide you with full traceability of your employees’ managing and operating with your documents and information.

We give you control over one of the most important issues in each organization – Who access what?

We improve your searching experience

– We all have experienced wasted working hours searching for a specific document/information. Sometimes, we wasted days. The perks of having an electronic archive is not wasting time but having your information at a glance and focusing on your primary activity.

This is what our Cloud Archive Application offers. We provide basic (non-defined) search using keywords, tags and index notes. Also, our application has Advanced Search where you can filter results and define query fields. This way searching through your archive and documents, you will have your results in a matter of seconds.