DMS – document management system

Upgrading your document management practice from paper based to digital requires technology. What was normal 10 years ago was to purchase and install DMS (document management system) or ECM (electronic content management system) and set new organization rules for creating – sharing and distributing documents and information. But there is a problem. This software solutions demand advanced IT infrastructure, which will significantly increase your investment when it comes to integrate a DMS. You will not only have to invest in solid software for document management, but as well as for a solid IT infrastructure which will probably cost a lot. And these expenses will increase. Because technology changes fast, requirements for updates and migration of technology are even shorter. But most critical is that you need to provide for security of your documents. Along with everything you need to create functional BACKUP and Recovery points for your data.

What begin as a naïve investment in DMS or ECM, through “spillover effect” will turn to be huge investment in infrastructure, knowledge and human resources to manage this infrastructure.


INBOX CLOUD ECM solution, takes away all of the investments, takes away all the responsibility for managing data security, migration and backups and DELIVER FUNCTIONAL SOLUTION via cloud ECMs as a Service for you. You will get best in class functionalities via cloud service and we will take care of the software updates, infrastructure, backups, and technology migrations. Our data center is ISO 27.001 certified and WE have no other job but to invest in Human Resources that are experts in Document Management. WE will provide you with Solution, Support and Security.