Physical Archiving

Your organization, regardless big or small, has one thing in common with every other organization in the world – You all create business records which contain structural information packages that reflect different aspects of your business and organization model. The sum of your business records constitutes your Archive and the process of sorting, structuring and storing your business records is your archiving work flow.

The point of structuring your process of archiving is that You will need this information over and over again, and for the purpose of being efficient the critical point are your archived information to be available when you need them.

INBOX helps you manage your archive with efficient technology.

We empower you with central point of communication through our Cloud Archive Solution where all the electronic meta data of your business records is safely stored and available to search and retrieve at any time, from any place, by any authorized user.

WE WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE EFFICIENCY IN MANAGING YOUR ARCHIVE. Once documents are labeled and electronic register is build, you communicate with your archive through the Cloud Archive application that is provided by INBOX. Your job becomes as simple as giving work orders.

Your engagement is simplified to > SEARCH > FIND > SEND DELIVERY REQUEST.

Our solution will give you total control over all of your archiving processes from a single point of archive management tool. And this tool is cloud based. You don’t have to invest in software, hardware, or have maintenance, development and support costs.

WE WILL IMPROVE THE SECURITY OF YOUR ARCHIVE and assure that documents will be kept in full integrity

Over the last decade, privacy, data protection and new compliance regulation have become issues of concern for all organization. Each day we are faced with more stories about identity thefts, abuse of medical files, failed disaster recovery scenarios and most recent DATA LEAKS that produce disastrous damages for organizations, managers and business owners.

To protect our clients from the above risks and potential damages, we have created systematic approach to managing risks concerning all of the above issues and have implemented the most rigorous standards for physical safety and data integrity protection. Our company is standardized with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015. Business records and information management protection is certified with Information Management Security standard – ISO 27001. We have structured our Facilities, Processes and our Security systems to eliminate all kind of threats.


WE WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE TOTAL LEGAL COMPLIANCE. We will organize, sort and structure your retention codes in the CLOUD ARCHIVE APPLICATION according to your retention schedules and will label your documents with bar-codes that will be stored in the system together with the description of the records. By labeling the documents, we establish inventory codes over the documents and track any and all movements of these documents through their retention period. Our system allows you to create archiving rules according to the local regulation for classification and retention. All our services and processes are compliant with the Guidelines on the Manner and Techniques for Handling Archive and Documentary Material in Office and Archive Operations (Official Gazette of the RM, No.99 dates 02.07.2014).