Consulting services

When you want to set or change the principles of Office Administration and Archiving, but you lack the right resources or practical knowledge, we will help you to finish your job. Inbox will set the principles of modern office and archive administration and will help you achieve efficient operation, control over processes and full legal compliance with the laws and by-laws.

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Preparation of a plan and lists of retention codes. We will create three Documents for you. The Basic Plan of retention codes, list of archive material and a list of documentary material with retention schedules. When these important documents are designed and implemented in your work, you have the ability to fully control the office administration and archive operations.
  • Training for keeping a register book. Whether you have or do not have a legal obligation to keep a record/register book in accordance with the prescribed legal rules, this process is very important tool for controlling the entry and exit of your company’s documents. It is a confirmation and proof of the existence or non-existence of a document that has a usable or probative value for you.
  • Plans and Training for Implementation of Digital Reception Desk. The reception of daily mail and its distribution to the end user as well as the registration of the outgoing mail needn’t be carried out in paper form. The modern office administration is based on electronic systems for reception and handling of incoming mail and registration of the output documents. By implementing the digital reception desk, you get effective and complete control of this process.

Our mission is to divert our knowledge and practical experience to your advantage. Inbox is at your disposal!