Digitization (scanning) / and conversion of documents

Digitazation is a process of conversion of your paper documents and media records into special sustainable digital format.

1. Digitalization of standard formats of documents

Our scanning department is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to scanners. Whatever your need from scanning of documents, whether you want to scan business cards or your technical elaborates with schemes and maps of A0, A1, A2 – we have the best technology for any kind of standard format you want to digitize.

For the most common formats of documents A4 and A3, we have scanners with capacity of 100 pages/200 images per minute, 600 dpi optical and up to 600 dpi output resolution. Our scanners perform on software that provides the best image processing and most suitable output preferences. Our scanners have DUAL LED Illumination, Ultrasonic multi-feed detection and Intelligent Document Protection.

For the bigger formats such as A0, A1, A2 we have the fastest large-format scanners on the market with an advanced CCD technology and the only wide format scanners with the ability to process full range of 48-bit color data, ensuring the most accurate image. These scanners have optical resolution up to 1200 dpi and maximum resolution up to 9600dpi, which can produce the best digital image you need.

The output file formats are: TIF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, BMP, etc.

2. Digitalization of special (non-standard) formats of documents

Not all documents are on plain A4/A3 paper. A great deal of document material (especially those considered as cultural heritage) are found in non-standard formats such as books, magazines and newspapers, artwork papers, handwritten or typed original manuscripts, letters and notes on exclusively thin paper, legal documents such as notary acts etc. Scanning these types of documents demands best hardware and software technology and a team of experts. We have this for you.

When you decide to digitize your non-standard documents, primary we will analyze those documents and put up a digitalization plan for you. In this plan we will calculate the amount of each format, providing you with proposal for most preferable quality resolution, image processing and output models. You choose what you need best for your business.

For your most fragile and sensitive documents, also documents which are bound and stapled, we provide contactless scanning with reproduction lightning, automatic book cradle, glass plate, all depending on the requirements you have. These scanners are for mass digitization projects and they depend on stability, productivity and high-image quality.

See VIDEO for contactless-laser scanning

3. Digitization of micro-film and micro-fiche

Micro formats such as micro-film and micro-fiche had been used since 19th century for purpose of transmission and storage. In 1936, the method of information storage officially endorsed microforms, especially the 35 mm microfilm rolls. Lots of organization used this method throughout the years for preservation of information. The problem was the usability. This form of media must be read only by an optical reader which makes it even more complicated to use. So organizations and institutions started looking for solution for the usability of the well-preserved information.

We have the technology that can return the usability of these information. We own the technology that can convert your micro-film rolls or micro-fiche into preferable digital copy. Our scanner for conversion of micro formats has a high-resolution optical camera of 26 Mega-pixels which is the best scanner camera available. This scanner can scan up to 10 images per minute from a film roll, and 20 images for fiche scan using optical zoom of 7-105x.

See VIDEO for digitization of 16mm Micro film

4. Digitization of x-ray documents, 3D, 2D

If your organization has transparent material of all kinds like x-rays, glass negatives, 35 mm microfilm aperture cards, cutout stencils, sepias and film, and you want to convert these media into digital images, we have the service for you. We own scanners which can scan transparent media using a special backlight unit. This technology that we have is considered as two times faster than the closest competition, because it is capable to scan the full bed at 300 dpi color in less than three seconds. This scanner possesses a scratch resistant, non-reflective glass plate expended to reach the edges of the scanner, making it 100% protective of the documents laid on it.

See VIDEO for X-RAY digitazation

Our scanners have revolutionary 3D scanning mode that captures the texture of surfaces so perfectly that the scan on screen looks like the real thing. If you are an organization from the medical, government, industrial or graphic art sector, you may find our services very applicable for your business.