OCR – as a service

Optical Text Recognition OCR – as a separate service. Optical character recognition is a mechanical or electronic conversion of images that contain electronic, printed or handwritten text. OCR technology globally is a widespread method for digitizing printed texts so that they can be edited, searched, stored, displayed on-line electronically and used in various other processes.

Inbox owns the latest technology for optical text recognition and this service can be executed as an “integrated part” of the scan operations that Inbox performs for its clients, or as a Separate Service, which can be used by clients who have established their own process of scanning but want to use the entire contents of the document as searchable indexes.

“We have a solution to add value to your scan process and the result of collaboration is the perfect document in which all content is available for search.”

Постапката е сосема едноставна. Кога ке завршите со скенирањето, The procedure is quite simple. When you are done with the scan, you authorized yourself on the INBOX web service for the OCR services on our Cloud OCR service and perform a complete recognition of the text of your scanned documents.

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