Digital mail room

Documents in an organization are either internally created or they come by mail as incoming mail. So what do you do when new mail comes?

In standard archiving process, you would open a registry, register the incoming mail and deliver it to the recipient. Usually nobody keeps track of who delivers what in the organization. At the end of the day, the incoming documents usually will go everywhere in the organization ending up in different offices under custody of people that are not authorized to keep and manage business records. Along the way, business records get lost, misused and even stolen. The ultimate point is that you have no control over these documents. But there is better way!

Digital mail room. When you get new mail/post, this document if it is not marked for personal use or strictly confidential, will be scanned at the point of reception and will be automatically uploaded in to E-registry. E-registry will distribute the mail in electronic format – Email to the end recipient, but the original document will go directly to the archive i.e. storage facility/room . What we do is separate the document as physical media from the information it contains. Information gets distributed to the recipient but the document will not move physically across the organization. What we provide with this service for you is:

  • Total control of incoming mail / post
  • Integration of you post mail with emails
  • Central depository of all you incoming / outgoing documents
  • Easy access from any location to all your current and past mails.

You get efficient distribution of information and secure archive!