Qualified digital archive

Inbox has been certified as Qualified Trusted Service Provider for Electronic Storage (Long-Term Archive) under the Law on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification and Confidential Services, as well as EU regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS) and registered in the National Register of Confidential Service Providers: https://trusteid.mioa.gov.mk/registar_listi/
According to the Law on Archival Operations, the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Law on VAT, location on the territory of RNM.
In accordance with EU and world regulations (Moreq2, GDRP, eIDAS, ISO)


More info about Digital Qualified Archive (Digital Office by Inbox)

Digital OFFICE is a modern platform that helps companies increase their efficiency by digitalization of business processes (archiving and office work) and automatization of their execution.

Digital OFFICE does not require investment, installation, human expertise or maintenance! The platform is available as a subscription service, which is scalable and operates on the principle of console – platform where you just add up processes in a form for services – modules.

The platform is available 24/7, on any electronic device with a simple login. From home, on a meeting, on a business trip or vacation, with a simple click the documents are FOUND, you are informed and connected, and your decisions are accelerated.



Functionalities – 5 in 1 cloud platform


Digital Archive – Helps you create a digital archive according to local law and international document security standards. The digital archive is fully automated! All documents are automatically converted to legally valid PDF-A-3 format for long- term storage, they get certified Time-Stamp for document integrity, and all required archive numbers and sub-numbers (required by Macedonian Law) are automatically generated in an automated e-Delovodnik. Searching and finding documents is done through the smart search option in the platform or in a mobile application. Digital Office is a world-wide valid DIGITAL ARCHIVE platform that complies with the following 5 principles: Accessibility; Usability; Integrity; Authenticity; Durability.
Digital Office has build-in the eIDAS and MoReq2, ISO 27.0001 requirements and is compatible with the GDPR recommendations.

– Document management system is the second function that is obtained in a package with the digital archive. In it you can create Forms and Templates of documents and automatically send them in a digital process for approval, confirmation or signing. The ability to create folders and subfolders to organize your templates and / or storage documents is unlimited.

Business Process Management (BPM) (BPM) – Any work that is repeated at a known interval and performed in the same way is called a Routine! Digital OFFICE helps you digitize routines and execute them automatically. Unmistakably and without the possibility of excuse. The system never gets tired, always does the job on time and sets reminders with notifications.

Digital Signing – Digital OFFICE allows you to set your own E-signature or sign using your digital QUALIFIED certificate and thus legally sign your electronic documents directly from the platform. Unilaterally Sign hundreds of outgoing documents with One-Click or Two-Way through an integrated Cloud Signing Server. All options are included on the platform, using Namirial GmbH Cloud Signing integration.

Mobile Multiplatform Application – since complex systems are difficult to understand and use, we have simplified all the functions and put them in a mobile application in which you can easily perform all the functions by tapping and clicking.
Unique simplicity!