Archiving logistics services

Moving large amount of documents is serious logistics and security challenge. Moving documents from their original location pose a challenge of location management as well as serious risk of misuse, damage and destruction of these documents in the process of transport. That is why, we have developed highly efficient logistics services to help our clients move their documents to Off-Site location and / or retrieve them back on-site when needed. Our archiving logistic services are divided into two categories:

  • 1. Pick-up services
  • 2. Delivery services
    • 2.1. Delivery of documents
    • 2.2. Delivery of archive materials

Pick-up and delivery of documentation is carried out by our specialized vehicles from and to your premises. We have strictly defined routes and implemented system of 6 control points based on which we have information as to the location of the documentation at all times. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices and their movement is continually monitored during transport.

PICK-UP of documentation

We can pick-up your documentation in two ways:

1. Pick-up upon request – You login into you Envision account and you create a work order for pick of documents. You provide us with details for quantity, availability, authorized personal for handover the documents, address. We notify you for exact time and date for pick-up. Our team will meet the details from the work order and will follow your preferences.

2. Pick-up upon defined schedule – We can pick-up your documentation in pre-defined timing which is suitable for you. For example, we can create an automatic work order for pick up weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other type of schedule you are in need.

DELIVERY of documentation and/or storage containers, boxes or labels.

Regardless if a document is active or passive, the information contained in these documents has a value for you and we have developed a system to deliver that value when you need it. In most cases, you can extract the value of the information through our model of electronic delivery of the content , but there will be times and scenarios when you actually need the original business records. Whenever you are in need of the original document for legal issues, auditing, etc. we can deliver it upon your request. You login into your Envision account, you locate the document itself, or the binder containing it and you create a work order for delivery. When it comes to physical delivery we provide two types:

  • Standard delivery – 24 hours’ notice – you create the work order today; you have your document tomorrow.
  • Express delivery – 120 minutes’ notice

Since 95% of your time you only need the information from your documents, we can provide you with scanned copy in the format and quality you prefer in a matter of 30 minutes per request.

The process is similar. You login into the Envision account, you locate the folder containing your document and you write short description of the document you need such as (number of doc., title, date etc.). You create a work order by selecting “Scan on demand” service from the service menu. We send you notification and confirmation for the generated work order. In 30 minutes you will receive your scanned document.