Records storage

The basic service you can use form INBOX is physical records storage. Basic service means you only pay for the secure storage facility. You bring your archive material to INBOX’s secured archive facilities and you picked them up when you need them. The Obligation to organize, classify, nominates, label and deliver the archive units reside on your side. Our obligation is to dedicate unique location, keep them safe and give them back to you at our client rooms when you request them. Basic storage service is very adequate if you have passive archive, documents for/of liquidated companies that reflect your need to keep the documents in their legal retention period but you don’t need fast retrievals and availability of them.

Basic service can be upgraded at any time and INBOX can take over additional obligation for labeling, organizing and structuring your archive material, provide you with Cloud Archive Solution and perform selection activities, pick-ups, delivery activities and /or destruction management. All other services are optional and can be requested and put in motion at any time.

We have 3 different types of Physical Records storage facilities:

Standard archive box storage: This storage is economy class storage for records with retention periods that are stored in standard archive boxes in the main warehouses. Standard archive boxes can be economy or compact class, reflecting structural strength of the box and its load capacity. (3-4-5 folders or mixed unstructured records) Boxes can be accepted and stored in our archives as open boxes or sealed units as per client discretion and are stored on structural metal shelfing.

FILE/FOLDER type records storage:Is compact class records storage facility where your business records are stored as Files or Folders. This storage type reflects your archiving practice and high availability needs. Records are labeled at point of Folder, file or even particular document and will be stored as such. File type storage is always open type storage and that is why we employ additional access level security to these storage units with personal key access principle.

Archive / Media Vault: with regulated microclimate conditions and enhanced construction and access security (for critical and vital information and information stored on electronic or magnetic media).

Archive vault is pure concrete facility with enhanced statics, micro climate regulation and 3 parallel security features. Access to this facility is biometric with separate alarm protection and 24/7 video surveillance.

When your information is vital or critical, our security vault provides you peace of mind.