Selection and Destruction services

Every effective record and document management demands a solid retention schedule plan. Solid retention policy concerns your organization regarding three questions:

  1. Do you destroy documents after their retention period?
  2. If you do, do you destroy them according legislative?
  3. If you don’t destroy documents of your organization, how do you keep them?

Inbox archiving technology is the best solution for successful record storage even if you don’t want to destroy any of your documents that are overdue. The application keeps an expire date for each item we define as a record. Using the date of closure of the document and its retention code (retention period), the application automatically calculates the expire date of the documents. This way you will be able to have a regulated retention policy in your organization and a clear view of the documentation that is still timely valuable from the one that is expired for storage.

Our Cloud Archive Application also provides you with a complete list of expired documents

You can generate the list on a period you prefer, bi-annual, annual, or on-demand. After checking the list with expired documents, you can decide which of those documents you want to destroy. We provide you with consultancy service in the whole process of destruction of the documents.