Inbox EDITION box is a special class of archive box with the highest durability, due to the strongest cardboard in its class. It is intended for organizations that have a large volume of archival material that is stored in an organized archive space. The dimensions of the box are in a proportion that corresponds to large archive shelf systems but at the same time fits into standard office closets.


– Dimensions 40 x 36 x 29 cm
– Designed for STANDARD ARCHIVE OPERATIONS. It is produced from the 5th layer of the strongest cardboard with a white/red protective sheath.
– Designed to store 5 standard registrars.
– The design allows the storage of large archival objects with technical documentation or 2 archive pads.
– Because of its size, it is not suitable for frequent manipulation and storage of documents organized at document level or unsorted A4 documentation because it is rugged, difficult to manipulate (charged) and it is much harder to find content that stored in a large box.